On Monday the women strike rumbles after raising their voice


After the outpouring shout of thousands of women who flooded the streets against feminicide impunity, now the silence of teachers, bank employees, journalists, academics, researchers, and ticketholders thus the second round of the first historical phase of a movement in the country.

In the subway, the ticket offices were closed due to the woman’s absence and who is in charge of selling tickets or reloading cards for users. The public was forced to use the refilling machines.

This could be seen in Line 2 of the Collective Transportation System, where lockers and wagons highlight the absence of women on the woman’s strike under the hash tag #el9nadiesemueve.

Aaron, a Metro user, arrived at 6:40 am at the Hermitage box office to buy a ticket, but found no one to attend it. He asked the police what he could do and the agent let him go without paying.

Interviewed by La Silla Rota, he said he was not surprised and that living without women could not be possible.

In the Suburban Train, there was also no box office presence.

IIn-Line1 of the Metro, Pantitlan station, the authorities report an influx of only 40 percent, and the areas of the confined wagons are half-empty.

In-Line 5 of the Metro, a man, dispatches in ticket offices that are usually attended by women.

RTP service, which helps Line 5 before the closure of some stations, police, and STC authorities report, in this case, a 50 percent decrease in users.

Low vehicular influence on Interior Circuit is noted.

In several bank branches, there are no services. We can also read ads that indicate that there will be no service because “nothing works without them.”

Laura López, a seller of tamales, says she supports feminism, but she did not stop activities because she would have no profits and did not doubt that this March 9 would work.

Asked about whether she agrees with the feminist movement, she answers yes but not with the proposal of #el9nadiesemueve.

“I agree, but there are other ways to support,” says to La Silla Rota.

She adds that one way to support the movement is to be aware of your child.

She also notes that in her case, if she had decided to stop, her economy would have been affected by 100 percent.

“If I don’t come, I don’t earn.”

With 20 years of selling at the corner of Ajusco and the Pyrenees, in La Portales, she says she has not seen people stop activities, like her, sell food.

“All the women we are merchants were working,” she concludes.

Luz Santiago Hernández sells cakes and drinks outside the Pantitlán Metro. She does not participate in unemployment because she has to support three children.

The employer gave her the option of not working, but with no payment, this Monday says seller Maricruz Domínguez Santos.

That is why she did not stop working and did not join # el9nadiesemueve because if she had done so, she would not have received income.

“I am a worker, I am a single mother, and it is my only income,” Maricruz explains.

Every morning from Monday to Friday, she goes out to sell tacos in the Colonia del Valle, and in her case, she sells around a thousand. If I had stopped, I would not have had money.

It is not the only one that did not join the woman’s strike who seeks to make visible that disappearance of the woman and the importance they have in the economy.

A few steps away is another woman who sells tamales and coffees.

In this regard, Maricruz adds that many of her clients this March 9 also went to work, so they bought her basket tacos.

Fortunately, the sale has been like other days because both men and women consume the basket tacos.

In the Chamber of Deputies, the day is quiet because of the absence of legislators and administrative workers. This Monday, there is no session in plenary.